High Voltage Thick Film Resistors

Features:Non-inductive designResistance up to 10TΩRated voltage up to 30KVTCR as low as ±25ppm/ºCVCR as low as ±0.1ppm/VExcellent high-frequency characteristics and high reliabilityCustomization available Physical Characteristics:Construction:        Ceramic c

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  • Non-inductive design
  • Resistance up to 10TΩ
  • Rated voltage up to 30KV
  • TCR as low as ±25ppm/ºC
  • VCR as low as ±0.1ppm/V
  • Excellent high-frequency characteristics and high reliability
  • Customization available
Physical Characteristics:
Construction:        Ceramic chip
Case:                    Conformal coat epoxy or silicone resin
Lead Material:       Tinned copper solid wire, AWG as specified in selection table
Lead Strength:      Capable of withstanding a five pound pull force axially

Electrical Characteristics:
Rated Voltage:                  Up to 30KV (DC)
Resistance Range:            UP to 10TΩ
Tolerance:                        ±0.5% to ±30%
TCR:                                 min±25ppm/ºC
VCR:                                as low as ±0.1ppm/V
Rated Power:                    0.5W to 5W
Stability:                           ±0.5% to ±2% (1000hours, 125ºC)
Overload:                         ±0.5% to ±2% (5 seconds @150% rated power)
Climate Category:             55/125/56

High voltage planar resistors (RF Series) are suited for all the fields of high voltage and small signal multiply. Such as:
High voltage power supply              Medical electronical devices
Audiophile speakers                       Audio systems
Smoke sensors                              Infrared detectors
Radiation detectors                        Special gas detectors

Selection Table:

High Voltage Thick Film Resistor

RF SeriesL(MM)W(MM)R(MM)Φd(MM)Rated Power(W)Rated Voltage(KV)

High Voltage Thick Film Resistor
RC Series202733405278103124154
L1 (mm)20.2026.9033.0039.5052.1077.70102.90123.70153.70
L2 (mm)28±3 38±3 *Default value, customization available
D1 (mm)8.2 *Default value, customization available
D2 (AWG)AWG20/18
Rated Power (W)2.503.704.505.207.5011.0012.0015.0020.00
Rated Voltage (KV)4.806.408.0012.8016.0024.0032.0040.0045.00
Tolerance (± %)±0.5% to ±10%
TCR (ppm/ºC )Min±25ppm/ºC
Stability±0.5% (1000hours, 125ºC)

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