Metallized Mylar Capacitors 105k 250V Capacitors

Metallized polyester film capacitor 105K 250v capacitorFeatures:This kind of capacitor adopts zinc aluminum edge thickening metalized polypropylene film as dielectric,Use for high speed winding machine, aluminium shell rolled closely packaged into, and adopts refinedCastor oil as impregnant in high temperature

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Metallized polyester film capacitor 105K 250v capacitor

This kind of capacitor adopts zinc aluminum edge thickening metalized polypropylene film as dielectric,
Use for high speed winding machine, aluminium shell rolled closely packaged into, and adopts refined
Castor oil as impregnant in high temperature and the vacuum macerate process, make capacitors more
Stable performance, to live longer, and take the second generation of mechanical explosion-proof design, higher reliability.

1.Widely applied to starting and running of AC single-phase motors at 50Hz/60Hz    
    frequency power.
2.Self-healing property.
3.High stability and reliability.
4.Safer with anti-explosion design.
5.Round capacitor, can be provided oval capacitor.
6.Single capacitor, can be provided doube capacitor.

Widely used in household air-conditioner etc frequency for 50Hz ac power supply / 60Hz of single-phase motor start-up and operation, and high-power lamps power factor compensation.

or, air conditioner, washing machine, water pump and generator.
Safety Class:P1, P2
Certificate:CE, ROHS, CUL, TUV, DIN, CQC, SGS
the Leader type:Wire/2 pin/4pin
Material:Plastic/metal case
Housing Color:black, white aluminium, grey aluminium, blue
product Size:kinds of different sizes or as customer' s request.

No Model Capacitance 
1 CBB65 15+3UF 440V /370VAC
2 CBB65 15+4UF 440V  /370VAC
3 CBB65 15+5UF 440V  /370VAC
4 CBB65 20+3UF 440V  /370VAC
5 CBB65 20+4UF 440V  /370VAC
6 CBB65 20+5UF 440V  /370VAC
7 CBB65 25+3UF 440V  /370VAC
8 CBB65 25+4UF 440V  /370VAC
9 CBB65 25+5UF 440V  /370VAC
10 CBB65 30+1.5UF 440V  /370VAC
11 CBB65 30+2.5UF 440V  /370VAC
12 CBB65 30+3UF 440V  /370VAC
13 CBB65 30+4UF 440V  /370VAC
14 CBB65 30+5UF 440V  /370VAC
15 CBB65 30+6UF 440V  /370VAC
16 CBB65 30+7.5UF 440V  /370VAC
17 CBB65 30+10UF 440V  /370VAC
18 CBB65 35+1.5UF 440V  /370VAC
19 CBB65 35+2.5UF 440V  /370VAC
20 CBB65 35+3UF 440V  /370VAC
21 CBB65 35+4UF 440V  /370VAC
22 CBB65 35+5UF 440V  /370VAC
23 CBB65 35+6UF 440V  /370VAC
24 CBB65 35+7.5UF 440V  /370VAC
25 CBB65 35+10UF 440V  /370VAC
26 CBB65 40+1.5UF 440V  /370VAC
27 CBB65 40+2.5UF 440V  /370VAC
28 CBB65 40+3UF 440V  /370VAC
29 CBB65 40+4UF 440V  /370VAC
30 CBB65 40+5UF 440V  /370VAC
31 CBB65 40+6UF 440V  /370VAC
32 CBB65 40+7.5UF 440V  /370VAC
33 CBB65 40+10UF 440V  /370VAC
34 CBB65 45+1.5UF 440V  /370VAC
35 CBB65 45+2.5UF 440V  /370VAC
36 CBB65 45+3UF 440V /370VAC
37 CBB65 45+4UF 440V  /370VAC
38 CBB65 45+5UF 440V  /370VAC
39 CBB65 45+6UF 440V  /370VAC
40 CBB65 45+7.5UF 440V  /370VAC
41 CBB65 45+10UF 440V  /370VAC
42 CBB65 50+1.5UF 440V  /370VAC
43 CBB65 50+2.5UF 440V  /370VAC
44 CBB65 50+3UF 440V  /370VAC
45 CBB65 50+4UF 440V  /370VAC
46 CBB65 50+5UF 440V  /370VAC
47 CBB65 50+6UF 440V  /370VAC
48 CBB65 50+7.5UF 440V  /370VAC
49 CBB65 50+10UF 440V  /370VAC
50 CBB65 55+1.5UF 440V  /370VAC
51 CBB65 55+2.5UF 440V  /370VAC
52 CBB65 55+3UF 440V  /370VAC
53 CBB65 55+4UF 440V  /370VAC
54 CBB65 55+5UF 440V  /370VAC
55 CBB65 55+6UF 440V  /370VAC
56 CBB65 55+7.5UF 440V  /370VAC
57 CBB65 55+10UF 440V  /370VAC
58 CBB65 60+1.5UF 440V  /370VAC
59 CBB65 60+2.5UF 440V  /370VAC
60 CBB65 60+3UF 440V  /370VAC
61 CBB65 60+4UF 440V  /370VAC
62 CBB65 60+5UF 440V  /370VAC
63 CBB65 60+6UF 440V  /370VAC
64 CBB65 60+7.5UF 440V  /370VAC
65 CBB65 60+10UF 440V  /370VAC
66 CBB65 65+1.5UF 440V  /370VAC
67 CBB65 65+5UF 440VAC/370VAC
68 CBB65 70+5UF 440VAC /370VAC
69 CBB65 80+5uF 440VAC/370VAC

Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A1: We are a manufacturer specialized in metallized film for capacitor use and metallized film capacitors since 2007. We enjoy great reputation among our customers not only for competitive price, qualified products but also for excellent service.
Q2: How is your product quality?
A2:  We strictly executive ISO9001 quality management sustem certification, and our products won CQC, TUV, VDE performance certification and SGS report.
Q3: How can I get some samples?
A3: We are honored to offer you samples if you need! The little sample cost can be free, the large quantity samples,can be negotiable.
Why us?
1.With 24 year's experience in manufacture, the quality of products is reliable.
2. Advanced production facilities and inspection equipment.
3.Fast delivery ad large production capacity for big orders.

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